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White Shell Wisdom

We need you here, perhaps more than we ever did.

A call to visionaries, healers, teachers, therapists, leaders and spiritual creatives...

We need you vibrant and in your fullest power and expression and we need you healthy, so that your life, your purpose and your light can be received.

I am here to support you in your self-healing, expression and manifestation. I hold sacred space for you in the full circle of what is needed.



Let's fill that cup of yours... so that your purpose and your presence are sacred gifts to this world.


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Your Body is Nature- free audio gift

Your body is life... it is your sacred instrument through which wisdom, light and connection flow. This is a guided relaxation- 16 minute mp3 infused with healing.

"When you are alive, there is no separation of your Body and your Spirit. The form and the formless meet... it is called life and it is one with Mother Earth."

Kimba Bridgeman

Kimba Bridgeman

Shamanic Healer and Medicine Woman, founder of White Shell Yoga and Director of Shaman College

I am here to support those who are here to be of  service to our beautiful Earth and her beings.

In the circle of you all... in this sacred circle of wisdom keepers, I am home.

Each of you has something needed here, a particular gift, a set of skills and I know your health, vitality and growth are required for your light to shine.

Sometimes it is difficult to find someone that can hold the safe space for you- this is because you have travelled far, and you have advanced in your knowledge and experience. I understand this.

I hold a place for you to work through the self-healing that you require at this time.

I share movement and embodiment wisdom that allows your healing to be carried deep within your body- cells, bones, energetic channels, water consciousness, and expression.

It is through your form, your body, that your work here comes through. These bodies are sacred vessels.  They are instruments of exquisite design and powers. I help you rediscover this.

Your body is the Earth's body.  And yet, your consciousness is formless. Together - Earth and Sky dance within you.

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